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Here’s Why Twitter Will Go Public Before Thanksgiving 2013

Alibaba, partly (24%) owned by Yahoo, is planning to go public in the US instead of in Hong Kong.

Experts are guestimating that this will occur in the first half of 2014:

Such a move would very likely push a U.S. listing by Alibaba into the first or second quarter of next year, as it would take time for the company to clear regulatory hurdles and adjust its accounting to conform to U.S. rules.

It would also put the offering in competition with Twitter’s — if the U.S.-based firm hasn’t executed its IPO by then.

Additionally, going public between Thanksgiving and April 15 tax day is a bad idea:

the time between Thanksgiving and tax day on April 15 has been a graveyard for previous tech IPOs. Zynga’s lackluster offering in December 2011 is a prime example.

Quartz also claims that:

Twitter’s IPO filing is ready, and the company intends to make it public this week, according to someone familiar with the plan.

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